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6 products

Create a cohesive outdoor look with Basil Bangs Outdoor Cushion Field Day Mineral in coordinating prints and colours.
For stylish and practical outdoor seating, look no further than Basil Bangs Outdoor Cushion Field Day Sage.
Elevate your outdoor experience with the stylish and functional Premium Beach Umbrella Field Day by Basil Bangs, featuring UPF50+ protection.
Get ready to relax in style with the Basil Bangs Love Rug - the ultimate picnic and beach blanket that's spill-proof and padded.

Founded in 2010, Basil Bangs designs premium outdoor homewares that inspire the imagination and enrich life in nature. With a focus on superior materials, bold geometries, and uncompromising quality, the company has established a creative legacy transforming art into practical coastal essentials to be enjoyed inside, outside, and every day.

Field Day by Shelley Steer & Louise Jones

This hand-illustrated and painstakingly painted design by Field Day studio is exclusive to Basil Bangs and a love letter to the Australian bush. Shelley Steer and Louise Jones are incredible artists who are responsible for our beautiful new art print Gondwana.

Pattern and illustration

Using a combination of different mediums in her practice, Louise’s work includes watercolor painting, illustration, and her own photography. A self-described “Pattern Warrior”, her original pattern and artwork are characterized by bursts of color, layered botanical motifs, and clean lines. From an early age, Louise was surrounded by her mother’s flourishing garden and its vast collection of ferns, flowers, natives, and succulents.