St George Sailing Club (Australia)

Located along the George's River, also known as Tucoerah, in Sans Souci (Australia), the St George Sailing Club is a prime destination with breathtaking views of Botany Bay. This beautiful waterfront establishment celebrates 125 years of supporting the local sailing community with undiminished enthusiasm.

The club's recent refurbishment beautifully encapsulates the spirit of seaside dining. This includes our tailor-made 'Soleil' commercial sun umbrellas, designed to provide diners with effective shade while withstanding the harsh coastal environment.

Enjoying a glass of wine at this venue, with a serving of fresh oysters as pelicans glide past, is an experience second to none.

These bespoke umbrellas were specially crafted for St George Sailing Club. For a similar ambiance, our Weekend Beach Umbrella in Mineral is a great alternative. For more durable options or custom designs, feel free to contact us for a tailored quote for your location.