19 products

19 products

Enjoy your outdoor space in style with the elegant and functional Premium Beach Umbrella Flowers by Basil Bangs, featuring premium fixtures and natural materials.
Upgrade your outdoor lounging game with Basil Bangs beanbags. Made with UV-resistant fabric and easy to clean, they're perfect for any occasion.
Elevate your outdoor experience with the stylish and functional Premium Beach Umbrella Field Day by Basil Bangs, featuring UPF50+ protection.
Get ready to relax in style with the Basil Bangs Love Rug - the ultimate picnic and beach blanket that's spill-proof and padded.
For stylish and practical outdoor seating, look no further than Basil Bangs Outdoor Cushion Field Day Sage.
Create a cohesive outdoor look with Basil Bangs Outdoor Cushion Field Day Mineral in coordinating prints and colours.
Enjoy the outdoors in style and comfort with the beautiful and functional Premium Beach Umbrella Wildflowers by Basil Bangs.
Get ready for outdoor fun with the Basil Bangs Love Rug Wildflowers - the padded and spill-proof picnic and beach blanket that's easy to transport and use.
Designed for the modern outdoor lifestyle, our Basil Bangs Outdoor Cushion Wildflowers is both stylish and functional.
Add a touch of luxury to your outdoor experience with the Premium Beach Umbrella Botanica by Basil Bangs, featuring marine-grade finishes and high-quality fabric.
Elevate your outdoor space with Basil Bangs Outdoor Cushion Botanica, featuring contrast piped edges and water-repellent outdoor fabric.
Don't let a rainy day get you down! The Basil Bangs Rain Caddy Umbrella is the perfect accessory for any outdoor adventure.
Our colorful prints are sure to brighten up any rainy day. Make a statement with the Rain Maple Umbrella by Basil Bangs.

At Basil Bangs, we create luxurious outdoor homewares that celebrate nature and spark creativity. Our artist collaborations pay tribute to the traditional owners of country across Australia, honoring their enduring connection to land and culture. Since our founding in 2010, we've been dedicated to enriching the outdoor lifestyle of our customers with our premium designs. Basil Bangs designs premium outdoor homewares that inspire the imagination and enrich life in nature. With a focus on superior materials, bold geometries, and uncompromising quality, the company has established a creative legacy transforming art into practical coastal essentials to be enjoyed inside, outside, and every day.

Our artists

We like to give a voice to our local artists from Australia. Discover the unique and limited edition creations of Leah Bartholomew, Kane Lehanneur, Louise Jones, Lucas Grogan and many more.

Our promise

Designed for a lifetime of ownership, we proudly take responsibility for the quality of our products. Not only do we design and engineer our products to meet high-performance standards, but we also submit them to rigorous testing to ensure their durability outdoors.