Discover Basil Bangs Tablecloth Wildflowers in Canada, with DuPont Teflon for ultimate stain resistance, ideal for 6-8 seat tables.
Explore the unique Basil Bangs Wildflowers tablecloths in Canada, featuring Teflon technology, perfect for both casual and formal dining.
Basil Bangs Tablecloth Wildflowers in Canada, offering easy cleanup and effortless elegance for 6-8 seat tables, suitable for any occasion.
Stylish and practical, the Basil Bangs Wildflowers tablecloth in Canada uses Teflon for stain resistance, fits 6-8 seater tables perfectly.

Tablecloth - Wildflowers

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Elevate Your Dining with Basil Bangs Tablecloth Wildflowers

We're thrilled to present the Basil Bangs Tablecloth Wildflowers to our fans in Canada, a perfect blend of style and functionality for your dining setup. This collection incorporates DuPont's cutting-edge Teflon technology with our unique outdoor canvas patterns, resulting in a tablecloth that mimics the feel and appearance of conventional fabric while providing exceptional resistance to stains.

Crafted for the demands of contemporary living, our tablecloths offer a hassle-free dining experience. Whether hosting a relaxed dinner, a fun tea party for kids, or an evening where wine spills are part of the fun, our tablecloths are designed to manage spills effortlessly. Measuring 140 x 250cm, they fit 6 to 8-seater tables ideally, blending utility with a touch of elegance.

The Wildflowers Tablecloth is designed to infuse Canadian dining areas with a casual yet sophisticated vibe, combining durability with aesthetic appeal. Its high-quality Teflon coating makes cleaning up spills a breeze, ensuring the tablecloth remains spotless use after use. Suitable for both alfresco meals and formal indoor dining, the Basil Bangs Tablecloth Wildflowers enhances every mealtime with its chic practicality.

  • Stain and water-resistant fabric
  • 6 - 8 seater table
  • 55" x 95" / 140 x 250cm
  • The Teflon stain and water resistance encourage liquids to bead, and make it hard for stains to 'stick'. It also makes them easier to remove. So while our tablecloths are designed to wipe clean with warm soapy water, they are not stain-proof.
  • We recommend cleaning spills straight away, as opposed to leaving them to chill out indefinitely. Anything left for long periods can be difficult to remove.
  • Got some stubborn marks on your beloved cloth? We recommend rubbing some mild laundry powder (or liquid) into the marks and rising off. For oil stains, you may also like to try a paste with bicarb soda and water, leave it on for 5-10min and then rinse off.
  • Machine wash using a mild detergent on a cool cycle.
  • Using a tea towel between the fabric and the iron, iron on the reverse side to reactivate the teflon. Use a warm (not hot) setting.
  • Product colours may vary slightly from those shown on your display.
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  • Orders are shipped from our Canadian warehouse.

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