Premium Beach Umbrella - Botanica

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Lush, dense, tropical.

Looking for a premium beach umbrella that combines natural materials and premium fixtures? The Beach Umbrella Botanica by Basil Bangs offers understated elegance and is perfect for those who prefer a light and bright aesthetic. Elevate your outdoor experiences and enjoy lounging at the beach, poolside, on the back deck, or in the garden.

With UPF50+ protection, this umbrella provides 98% UV protection and features a waterproof, weather-treated outdoor canvas that's both functional and stylish. Stay cool on hot summer days with the vented canopy that allows for optimal airflow. When it's time to pack up, this umbrella is compact and portable.

The matching carry case transforms into a sandbag for windy conditions, ensuring that the umbrella stays secure. Designed with a corrosion-resistant steel frame and stainless steel and marine-grade fasteners, this umbrella can withstand the elements for years to come. The patented Basil Hinge allows for easy adjustment to shade at any angle without fuss. No lost poles, no sweating - just perfect shade and style with the Beach Umbrella by Basil Bangs.

A LIMITED EDITION - If you're looking for a Melbourne-based designer who specializes in pattern and illustration, look no further than Louise Jones. Her practice combines a variety of mediums, including watercolour painting, illustration, and photography. With a passion for patterns, Louise's original artwork is characterized by bursts of colour, layered botanical motifs, and clean lines. Growing up surrounded by her mother's garden and its diverse collection of ferns, flowers, natives, and succulents, Louise developed an early appreciation for nature that shines through in her work. Experience her heady tropical creation, Botanica, and immerse yourself in her stunning patterns and illustrations.

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  • UPF50+ | 98% UV protection
  • Waterproof, weather-treated outdoor canvas
  • Vented canopy
  • Luscious soft white fringe
  • Single-piece, extendable hardwood poles
  • Responsibly sourced timber
  • The Basil Hinge for easy-peasy setup
  • 70.8" / 180cm diameter, family size canopy
  • Compact for easy storage and portability
  • Matching carry case transforms into a sandbag for windy conditions
  • Corrosion-resistant steel frame
  • Stainless steel and marine-grade fasteners
  • 70.8" / 180cm diameter
  • 86.6" / 220cm total height
  • 8.8lbs / 4kg total weight
  • 32mm pole diameter
  • Folds to 1.1m x 17cm x 17cm

Using your umbrella at the beach:

  • Make sure the lower pole is secured at least 35cm deep in the sand.
  • To angle, the canopy, hold on to the upper pole before unlocking the hinge. To unlock the hinge, turn the dial anti-clockwise as far as possible.
  • Let the upper pole rotate to the desired position. It is recommended to not exceed an angle of 45 degrees. Always try to tilt the umbrella into the wind as this will minimize the chance of it lifting out of the sand.
  • To lock the hinge, rotate the dial clockwise until the vertical grip is parallel to the lower pole. The Basil Hinge should feel easy to lock and unlock. If jammed, do not force the hinge to close as it may cause damage.
  • Taking an umbrella to the beach is your responsibility. In gusty conditions, we recommend lowering the umbrella to prevent any risk of it flying away.

Using your umbrella at home:

  • We recommend securing your umbrella in a base. For freestanding umbrellas, we recommend the 25kg Basil Base and the 14kg Standard Base for table settings.
  • In gusty conditions, we recommend lowering the umbrella to prevent any risk of it flying away.
  • Store your umbrella in a protective cover when not in use to extend its life and minimize wear and tear.
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    Meet our
    Premium Beach Umbrella

    The perfect beach companion

    Introducing the Premium Beach Umbrella by Basil Bangs - a beautiful combination of premium fixtures and natural materials. This umbrella is the epitome of understated elegance and is perfect for those who prefer a light and bright aesthetic. Whether you're lounging at the beach, poolside, on the back deck, or in the garden, this umbrella will elevate your outdoor experience.

    Designed with your safety in mind, this umbrella boasts UPF50+ protection, providing 98% UV protection. The waterproof, weather-treated outdoor canvas is both functional and stylish, while the vented canopy allows for optimal airflow, keeping you cool on hot summer days.

    Elevate your outdoor experience with the Premium Beach Umbrella by Basil Bangs - the perfect blend of form and function.

    Premium Beach Umbrella by Basil Bangs, the perfect beach and home umbrella.

    Dreamy. Durable. Delightful.

    Features you will love

    Materials Matter


    Outdoor fabrics are designed to withstand being outside all the time and are generally high tensile, making them resistant to rips and tears, and most of them have water and UV resistant factors built in.
    At Basil Bangs, we have designed a patented Basil Hinge system that allows you to effortlessly adjust your umbrella to achieve shade at any angle. No more fussing with lost poles or sweating in the sun.

    Shade at any angle

    The Basil Hinge